2019 is off to a great start!

Facebook is full of memes about January feeling like an entire year, but my experience has been the opposite. Our January was a beautiful, happy month that flew by almost too quickly.

My last post was a hard one, so I feel I need to speak to that. Just as the solstice brought the return of the light, it also brought us many blessings and joys. Our difficult year left us with new vision for the future of our family, an even stronger commitment to finding joy in each day we’re given, and a deep appreciation for each other. While I would never want to relive 2018, I was able to thank it for the lessons it taught me while joyfully bidding it farewell.

Most of our belongings arrived at our house the end of December/early January. They were in multiple shipments, and a significant portion is still missing. But we have everything we need and are happily settled into what we are calling our “cottage.” That’s a nice way of describing our rental, which is smaller even than the small “starter home” we bought when we first married! There’s not a lot of room, and our garage is full of boxes we can’t possibly make room for in the house, but we love it anyway. It’s a happy home, and exactly where we need to be right now.

Our farm in Ohio is under contract again and should be closing shortly. That remains bittersweet, but we know that selling it is the next step in getting where we need to be. I’m not sure I will ever be able to look at pictures of our life there without choking up. The farm was a dream we made reality, and one of the greatest experiences of my life. I will forever be grateful for our years there. I’m certain this is not the permanent end of our farming adventures!

Brandon started his master’s program. He loves it, and loves that his job gives him great opportunities to practice everything that he is learning. He’s very busy and I miss him like crazy, but we are making it work. I love seeing him so excited!

The boys and I are back to homeschooling, although what that looks like has changed pretty radically. That is another blog post in itself! We are experimenting with an approach I never thought we would use, dipping our toes into unschooling. It’s been really interesting to say the least! I will let this experiment play out a little longer and then let you know exactly how it went and whether we will continue with it or not.

In other news, I turned 33 in January. In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I may have been shockingly diligent with my skincare. 😉 I also may have worn too much eyeshadow and red lipstick! But in the end, I got over myself and made peace with the beginnings of “mid-thirties.” I’m not sure why this one was harder than 30 itself! But now, I’m embracing it and realizing you are only as old as you feel. . . and frankly, I feel younger right now than I have in a very long time. My children have suddenly decided to let me sleep through the night every night and we’re creating a good life for ourselves here. It’s amazing what stress can do to the body, and how deeply I feel the relief now.

January was so good to us. Here’s to all the good still to come!

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