Farm Updates: Spring Chicks and Ducklings

Spring means that all sorts of cuteness is being added to our little farm!

We apparently have trouble with self control when it comes to cute little chicken babies, ha! Our local farm store had 7 unsexed Welsummer chicks. Brandon talked me into buying them because we don’t currently have any roosters and he wanted to roll the dice to hopefully get one. We adore our ISA Brown hens, but their downside is that they have a short lifespan. If we don’t want to go without eggs, we need to begin raising the next generation of layers for our farm. Anyway, he talked me into our cute little Wellies so that we would hopefully have a few new layers and the potential to hatch baby chicks here on the farm.

But. . . when we went to pick them up, the farm store also happened to have some rare breed Ameraucanas. Ameraucanas have been on my wish list for a long time. They are darling and lay the most beautiful blue eggs! Hopefully ours will turn out to be true Ameraucanas (especially since we paid more for the rare breed), but we’ll have to let them grow and see if they meet the breed standard. If not, we’ll still love our little Easter Eggers. 😉

Anyway, once I saw the Ameraucanas, I just had to get 5 of them to make our chicken purchase an even dozen. . .

While they were boxing up our chicks, we saw these adorable Rouen ducklings! So, of course, we had to get two of those as well. Meet Pharaoh and Cleopatra. 😉 They are the sweetest little ducklings!

So we left the farm store with a dozen chickens and two ducks. Of course, those chicks and ducks grew much more quickly than we expected, so we headed back to the store a week later to buy more waterers and a second brooder for the ducklings. While we were there, we saw more adorable, teeny, tiny Ameraucanas. . .

So we ended up with 8 more!

Ignore my need for a manicure. 😉


. . . and because we adore our ducklings so much, and had read about how helpful they are in the garden, we ended up with two more of those as well! This time we brought home a Pekin and a Khaki Campbell. They are adorable!

The above pic shows our Pekin along with our one Ameraucana chick that thinks she is a duck! We put the ducks in a separate brooder because they love the water so much we couldn’t keep their bedding dry. They were getting our baby chicks too damp and cold. But this chick just kept flying into the duck brooder, no matter how many times we separated her! She falls right in line with our Pekin and follows Cleopatra around as if Cleo is her mama. Such a darling.

Did I mention that all of these birds have been living in my bathroom?? We decided to keep them in our bathroom in brooders on the heated floor because the temperatures were still cold and heat lamps make me nervous. That was pretty much the dumbest idea I have ever had. But we’ve all survived. The Wellies and our ducklings have now moved into a coop/pen in our garage, with playdates in the garden when the weather is decent. We’ll transition them into the big chicken coop and the duck house once we get past this (hopefully last!) cold spell and snow storm. Oh, and we disagree on how many roos we ended up with. Brandon says just one, I’m nervous there are three!

The Ameraucanas are, unfortunately, still in my bathroom in the brooder. Today my husband had the crazy idea to let them out of the brooder to play. He got a crash course in how to operate our mop after that. 😉

It’s a zoo around here, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!




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