HHA Week 2: Sparta, Athens, and Insects!

Tonight, as the kids drifted off to sleep in their beds, I sat in our little school room and prepped my lessons for the upcoming week. Every homeschool family will tell you that a homeschool room isn’t necessary at all for homeschooling. Learning can happen anywhere!

But I must confess that I absolutely love having a homeschool room and hope to never live without one again.

Week 2, our first full week back, was quite possibly the most fun week of homeschooling we have ever had.

In Story of the World, we studied Sparta and Athens while we continued reading Greek mythology. It was so interesting to compare the warrior culture of Sparta with the education centered culture of Athens. It led to some interesting discussions, and I was very impressed with Cowboy’s understanding!

We’re really enjoying reading the Greek myths. We had just started them last spring when we took our summer break, so it has been fun to dive back into them again. I confess that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to mythology in my own education, other than that of the ancient Egyptians who fascinated me. So I have really enjoyed learning mythology from various cultures over this past year.

Cowboy began reading Mary Pope Osborne’s “Tales from the Odyssey,” a two volume set for children. It may be his favorite assigned reader thus far. It’s easy to read and full of action, perfect for a boy who is going through a “reading is boring” phase.

We had Farmer Boy home with us one day this week for some appointments, so we took the opportunity to make togas, have a Greek party, and watch Hercules! Oh my goodness, watching them in their togas was hilarious!

I do have another confession (it seems I’m full of them this week!). I chickened out of our nature study for the week, at least the nature walk part of it.

Our topic was insects. The plan was to spend the week reading about interesting insects and doing a fun activity book that I found, then follow it up with an insect hunt at a pond down the street. Following the directions in ENWC, I bought a net to dip into the water to catch insects so that we could observe them and record them in our journals.

However, I am really creeped out by bugs, especially all of these crazy biting ones here in Arkansas! I get three or four new bites each day just walking out on to the deck while the dogs go potty.

On top of that, we discovered two aggressive snakes in our yard this week! My youngest also brought a frog, an 8 inch long earthworm, and a live wasp into the house this week and thrust each of them into my face to show me.

So when I began picturing myself sitting at a pond with them while they excitedly grabbed insects, spiders, and snakes, thrusting them in my face for me to “see,” well, I just couldn’t do it! I tried to pawn the experience off on their dad but he’s not stupid either. 😉

So instead, our official nature study was all indoors this week. We drew insects from books. I encouraged the boys to find insects outside on their own time, but seriously, it’s week 2 and I am officially a failure as a Charlotte Mason inspired mom, ha!

In good news, every day is a new start, and we can try again with “real” nature study tomorrow. 😉 Our topic is the nighttime sky, which feels a heck of a lot less dangerous since stars don’t bite and my kids can’t throw them at me. 😉

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