HHA Week 3: Astronomy and Greek mythology!

With Farmer Boy in public school this year, I have people asking me daily why I don’t put Cowboy in public school as well.

I admit, it’s tempting to think of having hours a day to be blissfully silent, alone, and free. 😉

But the truth is that there are three very good reasons why I continue to homeschool Cowboy, despite being in such a phenomenal school district.

  1. Homeschooling has proven to work better for him. He thrives with one-on-one, individualized education. Homeschooling has also had significant health benefits for him.
  2. We enjoy the time together. He’s not the kind of student to fight against school work, he absolutely loves sitting down with me each day to do his studies. Homeschooling has only strengthened our bond.
  3. Seriously. How else would I have an excuse to spend so much time every day reading mythology, playing with watercolors, and walking in the woods???

Our SOTW chapter this week was on the Greek gods. It was quite short, so history was not a prime focus this week. We did continue reading through the Usborne book of Greek Myths, and Cowboy continued reading through “Tales of the Odyssey.” The Greeks sure told exciting stories! Gods, goddesses, sea monsters, cyclops, witches, and disaster around every corner, ha!

Every week, we choose a picture (or two) from our Simply Charlotte Mason picture portfolios to display and discuss. I found the picture on the left fascinating. Those broken pieces of pottery are called “ostraka.” In ancient Greece, these were used as ballots to vote on banishing (or “ostracizing”) community members! If you had the most votes, you were given 10 days to get your affairs in order, before being exiled for a period of 10 years. There was no appeals process. Fascinating!

For astronomy, we began a new read aloud, “The Stars” by H.A. Rey. Yes, that would be the same H.A. Rey who wrote the Curious George books. His astronomy books are delightful! We learned some of the major constellations and Mag. 1 stars. We copied some of them down in our nature journals, and can’t wait for a clear night to go stargazing!

We also studied the solar system, and made a decoration for our classroom to show the order of the planets. We did a whole day of STEM projects, including designing our own planets, throwing rocks into sandy soil to make craters, designing our own constellations, and experimenting with different orbits/spins. It was so much fun!

Yes, I enjoy homeschooling just as much as my son does. And that’s totally awesome. 🙂

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