HHA Weeks 4 & 5: Greek History, Seeds, and the Harvest Moon!

These two weeks were our final weeks studying Greek history! Frankly, I’m a little sad! We’ve had so much fun studying ancient Greece, and we’ve barely began reading the wealth of Greek mythology available. We still have so many great books on our bookshelf that I’m tempted to stretch it out a little longer. I have to remind myself that the beauty of a chronological history cycle is that we will come back to this time period again down the road. It’s time to move on for now, but I think we will both carry a newfound love for all things Greek.

We finished out our Greek studies with a fun kit that I found at Bargain Hunt for only $5!!. I am allllll about craft projects that come pre-planned with all the necessary supplies. This one was a big hit! It included three projects.

Turns out that neither of us is particularly skilled at putting together broken pottery!

But despite our pottery struggles, Cowboy was pretty excited about the final result! I turned it into a research project and had him research Greek art before he painted it. It was a great chance for him to practice looking up information in our various resource books.

The kit also included an archeaological “dig” for Greek coins. Cowboy decided he does not have the patience to be an archeaologist, ha! But he was SO excited to uncover his coins.

I would highly recommend these kits, even at full price. I will probably try to find a similar one for Rome, since we’ll be spending several weeks on Roman history later this year.

This book may very well be my favorite read aloud. It’s a picture book, short enough to read in one sitting, but the information is fantastic. I was so excited reading about how Eratosthenes figured out a way to calculate the circumference of the earth by using the sun’s shadows on the summer solstice! His estimation was fairly close, especially considering the only methods of measurement at his disposal. Such a great read!

We finished our Greek studies with an Expedition Unknown about the disappearance of the Minoan civilization. I love this show and need to incorporate it more often.

Goodbye, Greece. . . until we meet again. 🙂

On top of our regular homeschool routine, our homeschool friends started meeting again last week, and Cowboy started baseball! Seriously, between piano lessons, homeschool meet ups 2x a week, baseball, and Japanese club starting, how are we supposed to get our school done?? He’s considering adding cub scouts too! And they say homeschoolers don’t get to socialize, ha!

Last week was Seed Week in Exploring Nature with Children. We read about Johnny Appleseed with some of our homeschool friends, made seeded bird feeders out of apples, and planted seeds in a fall garden.

We planted Swiss chard, mesclun, brussel sprouts, radishes, and carrots. It’s my first real garden here, and it makes me so very happy! Of course, I’m already dreaming of expanding, ha!

This week in ENWC is the Harvest Moon, the nearest full moon to the Autumnal equinox. We spent a little time talking about moon phases, but the highlight of the week was actually watching the Harvest Moon rise together. As the date approached, we pulled Cowboy out of bed a few times to see the Waxing Gibbous. Finally, last night, we pulled out our camping chairs and waited as a family to watch the Harvest Moon rise.

It was spectacular. It reminded me of all the autumn moons we watched rise over our farm in Ohio. Such bittersweet memories, as I still miss it so much. But we planted seeds and made new memories as a family on our little patch of land here. And that was a very special thing.

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