Meet Daisy!

Daisy’s home and I’m in love.

Daisy is a gorgeous black (possibly future silver?) multi-gen Goldendoodle. She is 9 weeks old and we just love her!

We decided to bring a new dog into our lives for our oldest son. We primarily were looking for a companion dog for him, but we also know he would greatly benefit from a fully trained Service Animal. His primary need is the emotional connection he has with his dog, but Service Animals are performing assistance tasks that could be life changing for him! We talked with a lot of people we trust and looked into some incredible service dog agencies. In the end, we decided that the right choice for us was to get a puppy with the breeding, temperament, and characteristics we were looking for, then intentionally facilitate that companion relationship.

With that said, we were very intentional about selecting a dog who would be a great candidate for Service Animal training. It takes approximately two years for a puppy to complete all the training (and maturing!) necessary to be a true SA. From what I’ve read, the odds of a dog being both able and willing to make it all the way are slim. We’re talking about 1 in 100! So we understand that the odds of Daisy making it to Service Animal level are low. But we selected her and are raising her with that end goal in mind.

So Daisy is a “Service Dog Candidate,” and we have already started working on the kind of puppy training she will need to be successful. We’re taking her on car rides, letting her meet other friendly dogs, introducing her to a variety of people, leash walking with a vest, having her practice sitting underneath our chair during meals, etc. Most of this training doesn’t require much work from her (we don’t want to burn her out at a young age!), but is simply being intentional about public access and manners from the beginning.

As I said, the odds are against her. But I have to say, she is a heck of a dog! She has astounded us with her abilities thus far. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she beats the odds and goes all the way! Even if she washes out, I expect her to be an excellent companion. She’s a fantastic dog.

We’re in love!



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