Two Weeks in Canada! MFW ECC: Weeks 7 and 8


We just wrapped up our two weeks in Canada!

This unit felt like a much lighter workload than the previous two, which was awesome. We needed a couple of light weeks!

I will admit that while the easy workload was very welcome, the unit also felt a little boring. I’m not certain why. I think part of it, for me at least, was that I struggled to find ways to celebrate Canadian culture. Obviously Canada has a culture of its own, but I struggled to find ways to partake in it in the same way we did with Mexico.

I also really missed Mexican food. The boys seemed to enjoy eating maple syrup in various ways though. 😉

I relied heavily on Youtube and our library for this one. We watched lots of videos on Canadian Inuits, the process of making maple syrup, and the Northern Lights. We got pretty excited because the Northern Lights were supposed to be visible here in Ohio last week. I missed out on a lot of sleep trying to catch a glimpse of them, but sadly, it was too cloudy here to see anything. That would have really brought our unit to life!


I think the other reason this unit was slightly less enjoyable was that we didn’t focus on any particular ecosystem. We went back to general studies for science, and I think we all really missed learning about specific animals and habitats in the country we were studying.

I was also caught totally off guard when I opened our science book one day to realize it was about reproduction. Totally my fault. The teacher’s manual had a note in it saying that I should preview it first, but I forgot to do it. . . until I opened the page and saw the illustrations of sperm and copulating animals. That turned out to be an interesting lesson, ha!


Our favorite part of the unit was carving “Inuit” soaps. We watched a Youtube video of their amazing soapstone carvings, and attempted to carve our own animals out of bars of soap. I have never carved anything in my life, but wow, it is so relaxing and fun! If it wasn’t so messy I would probably sit around with bars of soap and a knife, ha!


I attempted to carve a bear. It kind of looks like a pig instead. But I love it anyway.

The boys ended up carving their pieces ALL the way down to just shavings, so I didn’t have any final creations to photograph. I guess I should have just photographed the pile of shavings.


That wraps up our Canadian unit! It was short, sweet, and an easy couple of weeks. Next stop is Brazil!


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