Weeks 12 and 13: Caesar, Cleopatra, and Nocturnal Animals!

We have had SO much fun these last two weeks!

In history, we’ve been reading about Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Augustus Caesar. I seriously cannot say it enough, Story of the World has been our favorite history curriculum ever. I love the way it presents history in story form, in mostly chronological order. I am enjoying it just as much as Cowboy! He’s getting more and more into it as we go, asking to read more each day.

I know not everyone is a fan of SOTW, but it has made my kiddo fall in love with history and that is a total win in my book!

For science, we’ve spent the last two weeks doing a unit study on nocturnal animals. I thought the timing worked well with Halloween, ha! 😉 I bought this kit from Green Kid Crafts. It added a lot of fun to our studies! We made glow-in-the-dark “firefly jars,” stuffed owls, a glow in the dark bottle bug, and shadow puppets!

The crafts were fun, and Cowboy loved doing them as part of our unit. For our actual learning, we watched Youtube videos on several nocturnal animals, dissected owl pellets, and used encyclopedias and internet research sources to write a short paper on the owl digestive process.

We’ve also been doing lots of drawing lessons and art projects. Both boys are going through a phase where they just want to create, create, create and I love it!

Cowboy finished up his fall baseball season and is now focusing on Karate, which he loves way more than I would have expected!

Somehow, life seems to get busier with every passing week. I miss winter on the farm, where we all cocooned in for a slow season of reading and rest! That doesn’t seem likely to happen this year. But as crazy as it is, life is really good. I’m so glad we get to make these sweet memories as a family. 🙂

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