Weeks 7 and 8: Celebrating Autumn and Rome!

I had to double check my notes to be sure we really just completed week 8! This semester is flying along at a crazy pace.

Story of the World is really shining right now. Cowboy, like most little boys, is absolutely fascinated by Roman gladiators. Our current read aloud, Detectives in Togas, goes so well with SOTW and remains our favorite part of each day. I’m certain we would already have finished it if I wasn’t fighting allergies that limit my read aloud time. It’s such a great story!

He finished Tales from the Odyssey Part 2 and began The Time Warp Trip: See You Later, Gladiator. Yes, it’s a silly book, but sometimes we need silly reads! 🙂

We have really enjoyed our nature study these past two weeks. Our nature walks are turning into our best bonding time. It has been very special.

My youngest son has so many needs that he has received the majority of my time and attention the last couple of years. Taking this time one-on-one with Cowboy has been so good for us both.

On nature walks, there is no pressure. There are no expectations. Little boy fidgeting is totally okay. Running, jumping, and digging in the dirt are totally appropriate. There are no dreaded tasks or hard work. There is simply exploration, sunshine, discovery, and friendship. It is the highlight of our week. Pure joy. 🙂

It really is mind-boggling to me that it is already October 6. Between therapies, sports, extra-curriculars, and juggling both public school and homeschool, we are busier than we have ever been. It changes our homeschool flow and I’m still trying to figure out what is going to work best for us during this season of life.

Part of what that looks like is increasing Cowboy’s independent work. In the past, I have worked one-on-one with him for virtually all of his work. Now, I’m assigning him a short list of independent work each day that he does on his own and I check. This is pretty typical for homeschoolers, not so typical for us. 😉 He’s doing exceptionally well with it though, and I am so proud of his increasing independence.

Another part of what that looks like is streamlining our lessons. We put away my beloved The Good and the Beautiful language arts (except for the spelling lists!), because our current schedule demands a lighter load at home. We’ve added 3 hours a week of intensive speech therapy that covers his speech sound practice way better than I ever could. We’re adding 2 hours a week of occupational therapy to tackle handwriting (including cursive!), typing, and other needs. We’re adding karate, because baseball is wrapping soon. We’re getting busier and busier, so we are going to take a less time intensive approach to LA for awhile.

Thankfully, I had Language Lessons for Today Grade 4 already purchased, so we pulled it out and started it two weeks ago. What a breath of fresh air! Don’t get me wrong, I still love TGTB and I still remember the reasons why we stopped LLFT. But as I said last time, homeschooling has seasons. For the season we’re in, the gentle, short lessons in LLFT are a relief.

Cowboy is working so hard and doing such amazing things this year. I’m so excited to watch him grow!

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